Under the brilliant and sound leadership of Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SENPrime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia , Cambodia has enjoyed full peace, political stability, social order, and development of all sectors. In particular, tourism has been considered as a “Green Gold” and as one of the priority sectors—contributing to the socio-economic and cultural development through directly and indirectly increasing national revenue and incomes for the people, creating jobs in economy, and contributing to the poverty reduction.

    Along with the remarkable development of Cambodian tourism sector over a period of the last decade, the Royal Government of Cambodia has been paying great attention to improve the process and efficiency of job markets in Cambodia. To continue implementing the Rectangular Strategy of the Royal Government of Cambodia Phase II on the angle of the development of private sector and employment, the Ministry of Tourism has taken great account of the improvement and development of tourist services and products through focusing on the human resource development which is one of six  priority goals in the Tourism Development Strategic Plan 2011-2020.

    At the national level, the Ministry of Tourism has been conducting a study about the establish- ment of tourism professional training schools, particularly encouraging training conducted by national and international organizations, associations, and private sector education establishment as well. Furthermore, at the regional level, the Ministry of Tourism has actively contributed to the implementation of the ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Tourism Professionals (MRA) which was established with the aim of facilitating mobility of tourism professionals, exchanging information on best practices in competency-based education and training for tourism professionals and to provide opportunities for cooperation and capacity building across ASEAN member states.

    In order to contribute to implementing the arrangement perfectly and efficiently, the Royal Government of Cambodia with the Ministry of Tourism as its agency decided to establish the National Committee for Tourism Professionals (N.C.T.P) under the Sub-Degree 09 RKKR.BK dated January 10, 2011.


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