Roles and Duties of the Secreitarait of N.C.T.P

Roles and Duties of the Secretariat of N.C.T.P

The secretariat of N.C.T.P is the N.C.T.P’s wing performing the following works:

1- Making a request for developing, and improving the common competency standard and curriculum for ASEAN tourism professionals.

2- Monitoring, assessing the professional implementation of ASEAN tourism professionals.

3- Conducting a study about development process and job requirement for ASEAN tourism profess- ional.

4- Coordinating N.C.T.P’s works with national and international institutions and relevant individuals to ensure N.C.T.P’s working performance more efficient.

5- Creating a separate budgetary package which is an appendix of the Ministry of Tourism’s budget to ensure the sustainability of cooperation and to perform its function more efficient.

6- Organizing N.C.T.P’s meeting.

7- Regularly making a report about development of the N.C.T.P’s progress and other reports as defined by N.C.T.P’s chairman.

8- Implementing all the action plans laid down by N.C.T.P.

9- Fulfilling other duties assigned by N.C.T.P’s chairman.


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