Apply catering control principles & procedures

Apply catering control principles and procedures

This unit deals with the skills and knowledge required to Apply catering control principles and procedures in a range of settings within the hotel and travel industries workplace context.

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Element 1: Apply catering control principles and procedures

Performance Criteria

1.1    Identify the range of catering products used within the enterprise

1.2    Use requisition/portion control effectively

1.3    Use standard recipes correctly

1.4    Implement ordering and stock rotation practices

1.5    Use optimum storage conditions

Element 2: Minimise wastage

Performance Criteria

2.1    Use trimmings of food products

2.2    Dispose of food wastage in line with enterprise and local authorities’ requirements

2.3    Process recyclable products to local authority requirements

Resource for Download:

CS_Apply_catering_control_principles_and_procedures.pdf (109 KB)

AM_Apply_catering_control_principles_and_procedures.pdf (883 KB)

TM_Apply_catering_control_principles_and_procedures.pdf (2 MB)

TG_Apply_catering_control_principles_and_procedures.pdf (3 MB)

PPT_Apply_catering_control_principles_and_procedures.pdf (1 MB)