Clean and maintain kitchen equipment and utensils

Clean and prepare rooms for incoming guests

This unit deals with the skills and knowledge required to Clean and prepare rooms for incoming guests in a range of settings within the hotel and travel industries workplace context.

Unit Code:


Nominal Hours:

30 hours

Element 1: Identify the role of room attendants

Performance Criteria

1.1    Describe the services delivered by a room attendant

1.2    Locate the position of room attendants within the enterprise

1.3    Identify the personal characteristics required of a room attendant

1.4    Describe grooming and personal presentation standards for a room attendant

1.5    Interpret enterprise policies and procedures for the provision of housekeeping services

1.6    Identify and explain the role of communication in the provision of housekeeping services

Element 2: Prepare for cleaning duties

Performance Criteria

2.1    Replenish linen room supplies

2.2    Load housekeeping trolley with supplies for service

2.3    Check housekeeping trolley prior to use

2.4    Identify rooms to be cleaned for the shift

2.5    Access and enter guest room appropriately

Element 3: Make beds

Performance Criteria

3.1    Strip and re-make bed with fresh bed linen

3.2    Re-make bed using existing bed linen

Element 4: Clean bathroom

Performance Criteria

4.1    Clean bath and shower area

4.2    Clean toilets

4.3    Clean vanity area

4.4    Clean floors

4.5    Replenish guest supplies

Element 5: Clean room

Performance Criteria

5.1    Follow in-house requirements and policies in relation to room cleaning

5.2    Clean fixtures and fittings

5.3    Vacuum floors and other areas

5.4    Clean kitchenette area, where applicable

5.5    Replenish guest supplies

5.6    Check operational readiness of all items and equipment

5.7    Report and remedy room defects and damaged items

5.8    Report suspicious items or situations

5.9    Handle guest property left in room from which the guest has departed

Element 6: Provide additional housekeeping services

Performance Criteria

6.1    Provide turn-down service

6.2    Carry out rotational cleaning duties

6.3    Lend equipment to guests, as requested in accordance with house policies

Element 7: Prepare for next shift

Performance Criteria

7.1    Complete required records and notifications

7.2    Dispose of rubbish

7.3    Clean and store trolleys

7.4    Replenish stock items as necessary

7.5    Clean housekeeping equipment prior to storage

Resource for Download:

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