Organise food service operations

Access and retrieve computer-based data

This unit deals with the skills and knowledge required to Access and retrieve computer-based data in a range of settings within the hotel and travel industries workplace context.

Unit Code:


Nominal Hours:

25 hours

Element 1: Open file

Performance Criteria

1.1    Turn on/access computer system correctly

1.2    Select or load appropriate software

1.3    Identify and open correct file

Element 2: Access computer-based data

Performance Criteria

2.1    Use computer features to access a range of data or information

2.2    Retrieve data using prescribed systems, sequences and appropriate keyboard techniques

2.3    Access data stored on a variety of data storage mediums, private computer networks and the Internet

2.4    Use searches and queries to find desired Information

Element 3: Retrieve computer-based data

Performance Criteria

3.1    Locate data to be retrieved

3.2    Check that data meets requirements

3.3    Print or transfer file to data storage medium as required


Resource for Download:

CS_Access_retrieve_computer_based_data.pdf (100 KB)

AM_Access_retrieve_computer_based_data.pdf (545 KB)

TM_Access_retrieve_computer_based_data.pdf (6 MB)

TG_Access_retrieve_computer_based_data.pdf (3 MB)

PPT_Access_retrieve_computer_based_data.ppt (2 MB)